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PALO SANTO was founded on the idea that the home is a sacred space, and should be filled with carefully curated pieces that speak to the soul. Discover this unique dinnerware collection, hand-crafted by master artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico, a new addition to Market by Modern Nest.


The PALO SANTO Dinnerware collection, a new addition to Market by Modern Nest. 

Inspired by their love for all things culture and design, along with the desire to encapsulate their experiences traveling together throughout Mexico, Mariana and Concetta began their search for special objects that told the stories of it’s people and places. Both creatives themselves, the two entrepreneurs founded PALO SANTO as a multi-functional, cohesive collection of special treasures that showcase exquisite design, craftsmanship, and the beauty of natural materials.

As a women-led brand, the two are dedicated to supporting female entrepreneurs and creatives, choosing to partner predominantly with women artisans. Every purchase ensures stable economic growth opportunities for these communities, while helping to preserve these ancient art forms for generations to come.

All work is done in a fair trade environment where artisans work independently, oftentimes from their homes. Having the opportunity to work out of their home allows women artisans more independence and flexibility in contributing to their household income.

“sacred. soulful. slow. sustainable.”

“We believe in honoring life’s everyday rituals, be it burning Palo Santo, enjoying a meal with loved ones, or sipping on your favorite morning coffee or tea. Shaped by hand, each piece helps us to connect intimately with our space and create a more intentional, meaningful way of living.”

-Mariana and Concetta, Co-Founders, PALO SANTO

Fusing ancestral techniques with contemporary design and sustainable practices, the PALO SANTO collection represents the blend of tradition and modern. In line with their ethos, “sacred. soulful. slow. sustainable.” each piece in this dinnerware set has been handcrafted in a family-owned, small batch studio in Oaxaca, Mexico. It is made entirely by hand from start to finish, without the use of any molds or potter’s wheel. Each piece takes up to 20 days to complete.

The Unique Hand-Crafted Process

The raw materials are hand-collected from local mountains; this type of clay is exclusive to this magical region of Oaxaca, Mexico. Once shaped, the pieces are set to dry in the sun in a process that can take up to three weeks. Next, the surface is lightly polished by hand using a quartz stone. A true example of slow design, artisans employ sustainable production practices using all natural, renewable materials and do not use any synthetic chemicals or dyes. 

From the careful extraction of raw materials to the finishing process, their artisan partners share a commitment to environmental responsibility. Artisans employ sustainable practices to minimize environmental impact including the reduction and recycling of waste and the use of alternative energy sources. 

The Artisans

The tradition of barro pottery in this region of Mexico dates back over 2,000 years. They have partnered with a fifth-generation family cooperative led by five sisters and one brother; as both artisans and educators, they are dedicated to the preservation of their heritage while integrating innovative, sustainable technologies. In lieu of the standard wood-fired kiln, they utilize one fueled by alternative energy sources. This desire to innovate extends to every aspect of the creation process; a result of years of collaboration and the sharing of ideas, the PALO SANTO collection breaks from traditional finishes and embellished forms of barro pottery, embracing modern, clean lines and matte, and minimal finishes – beauty is in simplicity.

Get the Look

The PALO SANTO dinnerware is featured in our Market by Modern Nest Thanksgiving Collection to help you create an artfully elevated table this holiday season. See how we styled these beautiful dinnerware pieces and discover our favorites tips for setting your table, in our recent journal entry here. Get inspired, and browse the Thanksgiving Collection here.


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