Q+A with Courteney Cox on HomeCourt

Q+A with Courteney Cox on HomeCourt

Meet the Maker

Q+A with Courteney Cox on HomeCourt

We had the exciting opportunity to interview Courteney Cox herself for an exclusive Q+A on her stunning homecare line everyone cannot stop talking about. Now available at Market by Modern Nest!

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Tell us what initially inspired you to start Homecourt?

Homecourt was inspired by my love for scents and design.  The brand is based on the belief that caring for your space is as important as caring for yourself.

What was your favorite part of the process in creating this line?

I honestly love every part.  From designing the bottles, the shape, the color, the font, to being involved in every process of the scents and coming up with what’s next for Homecourt

What are your top two favorite scents from the Homecourt line and why?

This is a hard one, I love them all!  But I guess I would say CECE is my favorite because it’s my signature scent inspired by a mixture of perfumes I wear every day.  I also really love the depth and layers that Ciprus Mint has.

 Tell us a little bit about what inspired the design of the bottles and packaging?

It was really important for me to create something that was aesthetically beautiful and that I would be proud to leave out on my counter.  I also want them to be effective, environmentally safe, and have luxurious scents that I constantly want to be surrounded by. 


We heard architecture and home design has always been a passion of yours, can you tell us more about your background?

Yes, I’ve loved design for as long as I can remember, even as a kid.  Before acting, I thought I was going to be an architect.

What do you love most about your home?

I love the setting being on the ocean and I love how it has a very indoor outdoor feel, yet feels inviting and warm.

What are some tips for freshening up your home in the new year?

My motto is always A+ or out.  If you don’t need it, let it go! I feel calmer without clutter.

What’s in store this year for you and the brand?

We are working on a lot of great things and I am particularly excited about another personal scent that is coming out this summer!

Thank you to Courteney Cox and her wonderful team at Homecourt!  Make sure to check out this stunning homecare line at our store in-person or online.

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