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Multi-Use Space | Modern Southwest | Modern Nest | Custom Home Builder | Scottsdale, AZ | Design, Build, Furnish
Multi-Use Space | Modern Southwest | Modern Nest | Custom Home Builder | Scottsdale, AZ | Design, Build, Furnish

Frequently Asked Questions

We are fortunate to work in an industry where inspiration comes from so many other incredible builders/architects/designers that share their work. While we always stay abreast to what other designers are doing, we don’t limit our work to just what we see. We find ways to push the limits while allowing for comfortable living in inspiring spaces within our homes. In addition, we pride ourselves on designing timeless homes that aren’t “trendy” and won’t go out of style. We love learning about new products or materials that we can incorporate into our projects.

Good design in our opinion is quality craftsmanship, pushing limits and challenging ourselves to grow in both the design and build elements of our work. Jillian will come up with some pretty crazy ideas and although it would be easy to say that is too hard, Brendan and his build team will figure out a way to make it happen, easy or not. Good design is measured by how a space is curated when done with passion, love and attention to detail.

We always allow for the architectural design to drive the feel and flow of our spaces. We try to stay true to the “soul” of a space. To make sure the interior of the home is consistent stylistically with the exterior. In addition, we always work with the historical elements of the architecture and blend time-tested concepts with new-age functionality for a modern touch.

We strive to produce quality work that pushes the bar for incredible design and construction. While we love beautiful design, we also always keep livability in mind as we design and build homes for our clients. We love to build beautiful homes that create the backdrop of where families can live and be.

Yes! We offer design only and/or furnishing services. You can inquire about our design or styling services in our project inquiry form.

Unfortunately, we do not take on build-only projects at this time.

Unfortunately, due to our current workload and inquiring opportunities, we are only taking on whole home remodel projects or custom new builds.

We are not able to provide a price per square foot amount for design + build services. Every project is so different and client needs/requests vary.

General Questions

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