A Floral Affair

Brighten your spaces with these in-the-moment statement pillows.

Floral pillows are having their moment this Spring, and we are absolutely loving this timeless trend. What makes these pillows so unique is their vintage-inspired hand-blocked prints on natural fabrics, such as hemp and linen. They are simply beautiful, and one of the easiest ways to inject style and freshen up your interior spaces this season.

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There are so many ways to incorporate floral pillows into your home, from curated color combinations to mixing-and-matching patterns for an effortlessly pulled together look. Here are our top tips to getting the Designer pillow look:

  1. Choose Your Color Story – We recommend choosing colors that you are pulling from other pieces in your room, such as a rug, a wall color, or decor pieces. Then curate your color story off of these. Multiple textiles should always have at least one hue in common
  2. Choose Your Patterns – Mix and match your floral pillow with other patterns such as stripes, ginghams, plaids, checks, or coordinating florals! More is definitely more when it comes to this look. You can also add in a solid color to break things up a little bit.
  3. Choose Your Pattern Sizes – Play with scale and choose patterns in different sizes. For example, one pillow could have a small repeat pattern while another has a larger scale one. Blending different sizes together creates depth and allows each pillow to have it’s moment.
  4. Experiment – Sometimes it takes trying different things, bending the rules a little bit, and creating a style combination that is authentic to you!

Still need help? We have curated 4 different Market by Modern Nest pillow looks for you to easily put together in your space.

  1. Spring Pillow Pairing I
  2. Spring Pillow Pairing II
  3. Spring Pillow Pairing III
  4. Spring Pillow Pairing IV
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