How to Style a Coffee Table

Elevate your coffee table.

A Modern Nest Guide to adding a touch of charm to your favorite living space.






Styling a coffee table can be challenging if not properly equipped with basic guiding principles and easy-to-style items. Today we are styling our Johannes Coffee Table from our English Country Home. We’ve created this guide with 5 simple styling tips, to show you how to build an eye-catching coffee table that is sure to elevate any living space.

No. 1 – Add Something Living

Attention to detail is key when creating a beautifully styled coffee table. Adding a natural element such as fresh cut greenery or florals will give your table a lively, new look. You can purchase flowers or greenery from your local flower shop or be inspired by the outdoors, and cut something fresh from your own backyard to brighten your space.

No. 2 Group Objects Together

When styling a variety of items, it is visually appealing to group smaller items together. We prefer to use the rule of 3, which adds an easy center point and balance to the grouped items. Play around with stacking books or clustering pieces together until you find a balance that feels right to you.

No 3. Play with Varying Heights

By using objects with a variety of heights, it will allow your eyes to continually move along the table, creating a more visually appealing experience. Adding height can be easily achieved by incorporating tall vases, like this Terra-cotta Pedestal Pot, or a few candlesticks. You can also experiment with stacking flat items such as coffee table books or magazines.

No. 4 Mix Shapes

Add variety and interest to your table by using both organic and geometric shapes. This will help make your display more visually interesting and allow your eyes to float from one item to the next. Try incorporating round vases or bone beads to break up the angles of trays and books.

No. 5 Add Texture

Having a variety of texture on your table is key to adding depth and interest. This can be achieved by adding items with woven fibers, aged wood, or hand-crafted ceramics. Smoother textures can be achieved by adding distressed brass, natural stone, or candles to the space.

Finally, the best tip we can give you is to trust your instincts and find the items that speak to you. Shop a few of our favorite coffee table styling items below!

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