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We’re back exploring more of the stunning details from our English Country Home, where timeless elegance and classic aesthetics meet. In this journal article, we’re taking a look at how art can elevate your home by adding interest and allure to even some of the most unique spaces. Join us as we break down the details of using art to create focal points, elicit emotion, embrace different art styles and how to use various sizes and scales.

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No. 1 – Art as Focal Points

Incorporating carefully selected artwork as focal points in your home can transform any room into a captivating and interesting space. Whether it’s large scale art hung on a wall in a main living area or small scale art placed on a kitchen shelf, art can create a point of reference and bring interest to a specific space.  One of the more unique moments within the kitchen of our English Country home was the art ledge we designed above the Ilve range. This art moment created a focal point in the kitchen and added interest above a usually blank space. Along with some original art pieces, we featured the Lady In GardenCharcoal Figure and Hunter in a Landscape all available from our Market.

No. 2 – Creating Inviting Spaces

Adding art to utility type spaces such as a mudroom, laundry room or butler’s pantry adds a sense of comfort and warmth. Although these spaces might not be frequented by guests within your home, the feeling it creates even in a small scale form is inviting and fun. We featured On the Hunt in the mudroom, The Homestead in the laundry room, Still Pear in the kitchen hutch and Blue Botanical Three in the butler’s pantry.

No. 3 – Eliciting Emotions

Art has the incredible power to evoke emotions and set the mood in a room. The English Country office’s dark and moody walls come alive with the vividly expressive Society art piece, adding depth and character to the space while encouraging creativity and introspection. The tranquil large scale art Distant Reflection Two featured in the casual media room creates a sense of calm and relaxation. We had a little fun pairing the Gentleman Sketch with the Statler Secretary Desk for a bit of sophistication and stoic charm.

No. 4 – Embracing Eclectic Beauty

The custom kitchen hutch became a treasure trove of visual delights with the addition of the Brushed Portrait. This piece is as equally interesting as it is eclectic creating a bit of a juxtaposition with its hand applied gold leaf in the most peculiar of places. This piece featured alongside a set of vintage dishware and masculine stone balanced several styles into one interestingly stunning space. If you’re wondering, the paint color used for this custom hutch is Huge Blue by Farrow and Ball. [If you want to learn more about the paint colors used in this home, take a look at this journal article.]

No. 5 – Complementing Styles and Sizes

One of the unique aspects of the carefully curated collection of art pieces available at Market by Modern Nest is the extensive collection various sizes and styles. This wide selection provides endless options to curate a cohesive art display in any home while reflecting personal tastes and preferences. We encourage you to browse our large selection to see what pieces might inspire you to add a new art piece in your home.

Art has the remarkable ability to breathe life into any space, and when thoughtfully integrated, it becomes an essential element that elevates the overall ambiance. Our curated art collection at Market by Modern Nest provides an array of choices, enabling you to find the perfect artwork that enhances the allure and charm of your home. Shop all art here. Shop the English Country Art Collection here.

Bedroom with Vase | Tulum House | Modern Nest | Custom Home Builder | Scottsdale, AZ | Design, Build, Furnish
Vase from Tulum House | Modern Nest | Custom Home Builder | Scottsdale, AZ | Design, Build, Furnish

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